Maybe you have worked with the same IT provider for some time. Perhaps, you handle IT yourself or task one of your employees with the responsibility. Regardless, you’re wondering if your current support is right for your business. The process of making a change may seem intimidating, but could the benefits make it worthwhile?

Often, there is no one reason a business decides it’s time to change IT providers, but rather a variety of contributing factors. It’s not always clear if the time is right. However, there are some general indicators that may help.


Most businesses depend on information technology in their daily operations. When working properly, technology can propel business growth and success. But sometimes things go wrong. When that happens, technology quickly becomes a disturbance or even an outright barrier to success.

In our work with various small to midsized businesses (SMBs), Daystar has identified some common IT challenges businesses encounter in order to provide guidance on how to tackle them.

Technology. It’s a word that conjures up any number of specific things. Some people think of the iPhone they’re currently holding or the laptop in their bag, while others see programming code or bits and bytes. Still others envision their smart TVs, wireless cameras, or smart light bulbs. And for some office mates, it is the printer that’s currently jammed…again.

Technology is varied and dynamic, as are the people who support it. And as it becomes more pervasive and complex, you need the right expert to install, maintain, and service it. Just as you wouldn’t hire your mechanic to repair your washing machine, you also shouldn’t expect your website developer to install your laptop onto the company network. However, as technology becomes more intertwined, it’s not always easy to know who is the expert in which field.

Amid the frustration of a laptop blue screen or your email not working properly, your only thought is to find someone who can fix it. But not knowing who to reach out to can compound your problems.


New Virus Alert

You may have seen the news over the past day regarding the Petya virus. Please know that we are researching this new cyberattack and following developments. Although how it infects its victims is not entirely clear this early in the outbreak, we remind all users to be vigilant when surfing the Internet and opening email.

If you receive a suspicious email, please delete it immediately. Do not forward suspicious messages to other users as this may result in them clicking on a malicious link. 

What we know so far:


New Virus Alert

We have come across a new piece of malware that targets infected users’ information on established banking and shopping sites. This nasty virus is brand new; we are actively working with several security vendors to identify how it originates and how to eradicate it. Although not all information is readily available at the moment, we wanted to notify you immediately.


The Direct Difference

There are a variety of ways to approach your business technology support needs. All are valid and have their various advantages and drawbacks. Which one is right for you depends on your business. It’s important to understand what support you’re getting to make sure it’s right for your needs and goals.


Your Digital Year-End

Your Digital Year-End

A tech checklist for new year success!

The turn of the year is an opportunity to start the next year off right! While many are addressing annual financial and HR tasks, it’s also a great time to assess your technology environment and ensure it’s ready to support your business growth for the coming year. It’s a lot to get done … year-end purchasing, budget planning, procedure documentation, policy verification, etc., but it’s important to keep your IT house in order.

Here are three things that should be on your annual technology checklist:



Yahoo has confirmed that it has been the target of another massive data breach, this one stemming back to August, 2013. The newly discovered breach is in addition to the huge 2014 breach and impacts more than one billion Yahoo users.

The breach includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, MD5-hashed passwords, and security question answers. This latest hack makes Yahoo the victim of two of the largest data breaches in history.

If you have a Yahoo account, here are some steps you should take to secure your account:

Managed services firm welcomes seasoned business development representative to focus on client acquisition and business outcomes

Newington, NH, September 22, 2016 – To further support the increasing technology needs of area businesses, Daystar is pleased to announce the addition of Brian Moore to its business development team. Moore joins Daystar with more than sixteen years’ experience in guiding businesses with strategic technology initiatives. His main focus is on acquisition and client growth.

“Brian has been a trusted partner for sixteen years – it’s exciting to officially have him on our team,” says Keith Bamford, CEO and co-founder of Daystar. “As a managed technology services provider, it is our job to help businesses remove obstacles and enable growth. Brian gets it. He understands the challenges facing businesses and is focused on helping them realize true results. We look forward to the impact he will have on Daystar and our clients.”

Moore’s expertise has been cultivated through his previous years in the telecommunications industry, where he worked closely with area businesses on their voice/data communications needs. Along with the rest of the Daystar team, Moore employs a proactive, business-centered approach to integrating technology solutions aligned to the goals and needs of the business.

With the addition of Moore, Daystar employs a staff of twenty-four, consisting of network and systems engineers, IT integrators, programmers, support staff, and administrators.

About Daystar

Daystar is a managed services provider and technology integrator for small to midsized businesses. Located in Newington, NH, Daystar was founded in 2000 and provides proactive and strategic business technology support.

Daystar exists to help small to mid-sized businesses succeed. We strive to be a resource that promotes the achievements of others.

  • We are committed to our clients and focused on helping them reach their goals and grow their businesses.
  • We are unified as a team and dedicated to building a successful company that supports our staff financially, professionally, and socially.
  • We are collaborators who work for the collective good by developing partnerships that further our clients’ and employees’ interests.
  • We are active, engaged community participants and understand our impact on the well-being of our communities through our actions, support, and expertise.

We see our role as a promoter and supporter of the greater business community. After two decades in the technology industry, we understand the dynamics of change. We embrace it and hope to help others in their journey as well.

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It’s an age-old conundrum for small to midsized businesses – how to grow the organization while simultaneously reducing costs. Doing more with less is the magic bullet. Businesses we talk to often initially perceive it as opposing forces – how to reduce their current technology spending, while also finding new ways to reach customers and grow their businesses. However, proper business technology alignment bridges the divide and fuels progress for both cost reduction and business growth.