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Managed IT services done differently.

Proactive managed technology services deliberately aligned to move your business forward.

Daystar Direct

Business Aligned Managed Services

DD Business Decisions

Goal Achievement

Technology should have a purpose – a goal. It should grow your business, protect your assets, and facilitate your operations. Daystar Direct is a proactive managed technology services platform designed to align with your business to produce results. Employing a proven and tested process, Direct delivers real value to business operations, productivity, and security.

Proactive IT Management

Your network will be actively managed by Daystar engineers to ensure optimal performance and security. Direct plans offer proactive IT management for a flat monthly fee. Rest assured knowing that your network is expertly managed with no surprise costs. Take the hassle of managing your technology infrastructure off your plate so you can focus on what’s important… your business.

Your Direct Plan


Unlimited IT support inclusive of systems optimization, remote and onsite support, maintenance, network security, data backups, etc.


A dedicated virtual CIO provides strategic direction and aligns technology planning with business goals to propel future growth.


Monthly reporting delivers ongoing visibility and the ability to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities. Periodic alignment reviews provide an additional level of strategic IT measurement.


Daystar Secure goes further to minimize risk and protect your business. In addition to technical security controls, your plan includes customized security policies and employee security training tied to simulated cyberattack testing.


Make smart IT investments with knowledgeable and cost-effective procurement services, inventory lifecycle planning, and warranty tracking.

Budgets & Goals

Know what to expect with comprehensive IT budgeting and technology goal planning.

What you can expect

Our comprehensive Client Engagement Process is deliberately designed to make sure your strategic, tactical, and proactive needs are covered! It’s more than just troubleshooting and fixing issues; we proactively engage to improve performance, security, and stability. And, we purposefully step back from the bits and bytes to take a more forward-looking, comprehensive approach to maintaining and building your business technology infrastructure.


In-depth Technical Review

Your dedicated Daystar network administrator will perform an in-depth technical review of your environment twice per year. This comprehensive inspection will provide updated documentation, trend identification, and standards and best practices compliance.

Business Alignment Review

Following your biannual technical review, you will also receive a complete Business Technology Alignment review. Your dedicated DCIO (Daystar CIO) will analyze the results of your technical review and align those with your business goals and strategic technology plan. Your DCIO will come onsite to review the reporting, strategic budgeting, and alignment findings to make sure you are in the know and on the right path to accomplish your goals.


Technology Check-in

In addition to the in-depth reviews, your network administrator will perform periodic check-ins to provide more consistent performance oversight. The administrator will work closely with the support team to review any potential trends and identify any potential issues or opportunities.



In addition to the comprehensive biannual DCIO reports, you also receive monthly Status Reports that provide an up-to-date snapshot of your infrastructure maintenance and health. This enables you and your Daystar team to stay on top of the current state of your network.


Proactive Technical Support

Your Daystar ProActive Technology Team’s (PATT) job is to keep your business up and running. They work behind the scenes to ensure network availability, stability, and performance. Remote services include system optimization, network monitoring and maintenance, anti-virus, anti-spam, and data backup and recovery.

End User Support

Rest assured knowing your employees’ technical needs are taken care of. Daystar provides unlimited remote and onsite support for your team. The Daystar Help Desk is accessible via the Daystar Connect online support portal, email, and phone.

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