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A More Robust Approach to Cyber Security

Daystar Secure protects you from the technical, business, and human errors that put you at risk.

An All-In-One Security Solution

From your devices to your data, we keep everything secure.

PCs, laptops, and servers are necessary tools in the modern office, but they come with risks. Daystar Direct’s Endpoint Security protects these vulnerable points in your office from malware, viruses, inappropriate web browsing, and more. We also do more to protect your valuable data. You need to be intentional about who has access and authority to your data. We’ll help you set up and manage these policies. We’ll even provide you with a D-CIO, a virtual chief information officer, to help your team develop a customized written information security policy (WISP). 

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How Safe Is Your Data?

Depend on Daystar Data Security for more peace of mind.

Determining who has access to what is vital in creating a secure data process. We can set up rules to control who in your organization has access to sensitive data and who has defined authority to make data security changes. Backing up your data is also vital to your success. Our D3 Daystar Data Defense is more than just a copy of your files. It’s a customizable, automated backup solution. D3 allows for fast data recovery, scalability of cloud storage space, and disaster recovery with redundant sites. Rest easy knowing you have both local and cloud data backups.

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How Do I Train My Employees?

Avoid the biggest threat to your data security: human error.

It’s not just a lost laptop or deleting a file by mistake. Cyberattacks target your employees through sophisticated social engineering and phishing emails. Even the most tech-savvy individual can click the wrong link in an email and compromise your data. Daystar Direct’s Employee Security Training and Testing helps you avoid these situations by educating your team on safe computing practices. We’ll give simulated phishing tests so they know what to look for. We can’t completely eliminate human errors, but we can work to combat it.

Train Your Team
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Daystar protect my business and data?

Our Daystar Endpoint Security is a great all-in-one solution for PCs, laptops and servers. Our D3 Data Backup tool ensures fast data recovery while providing scalable cloud storage and local storage. We also provide thorough D-CIO security reviews to make sure you’re not vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Can you make sure my business complies with data privacy and security regulations?

We sure can! Our CIO-level strategic planning and business technology alignment analysis are two key ways we ensure you’re doing everything by the book.

How do I keep track of everything and make sure my team understands what’s expected of them?

Our customized written information security policy (WISP) creates clear guidelines so that everyone in your organization has clear boundaries.

Do my employees understand safe computing?

Let us help with employee security training to make sure they don’t click on something they shouldn’t. We do simulated email phishing tests as well as training and testing documentation so that no one falls for a cyber attack.

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