The importance of securing your data, protecting your network, and minimizing your risk is a critical business responsibility. It’s not a choice. You owe it to your business, your employees, and your clients. And, in many cases, you are legally responsible to take precautions.

There’s no magic bullet. There isn’t a quick fix. That’s why Daystar Secure is a layered, holistic approach to cyber security services. It addresses the technical, business, and human variables that can put your business at risk.

Daystar Direct

Cyber Security Challenges


Is my business and data at risk?

  • Daystar Endpoint Security
  • Server and firewall maintenance
  • D3 Data Backup
  • D-CIO Security Reviews
  • Data access, authority, & destruction policies

How do I keep track of everything and make sure my team understands what’s expected of them?

  • Customized WISP documentation (Written Information Security Policy)
  • Documented user policies
  • D-CIO Security Reviews

Does my business comply with data privacy & security regulations?

  • CIO-level strategic planning
  • Business technology alignment analysis

Do my employees understand safe computing?

  • Employee security training
  • Simulated email phishing tests
  • Training and testing documentation

Daystar SECURE

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Daystar Endpoint Security

Daystar Direct’s Endpoint Security service gives you an all-in-one security solution for PCs, laptops, and servers. The managed security support protects against malware, viruses, inappropriate Web surfing, and more.

From Daystar’s centrally managed platform, the security suite provides:

  • 90% effective edge protection against crypto/ransomware
  • Antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protection
  • Email encryption
  • Email sandboxing
  • Web content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Application control
  • Firewall protection

Daystar Data Security

Data Access & Authority

Not all data is equal and how you control access to different data types is an important part of a sound security process. While some employees require unfettered rights to company data, others do not. Through deliberate data access and storage configurations, we set automatic rules to control who has access to secure data.

A secure data process also depends on defined authority – who in your organization has authorization to make data security changes. This may be simply the CEO, or multiple senior managers. The important thing is to define and document it ahead of time.

Daystar Direct’s ongoing technical reviews and the D-CIO Security Review provide consistent oversight of your data access and authority policies.

D3 Daystar Data Defense

Data backup is about more than just storing a copy of your files. It’s about understanding what data needs to be backed up, how it should be backed up, and what your data recovery requirements are.

Our D3 backup solution is a customizable, automated backup solution designed specifically for your data security needs. It’s fully managed with backups actively monitored by Daystar’s centralized services engineers. And our software is compliant with stringent industry standards, so you know your data is both safe and secure.

Including both local and cloud backups, D3 delivers:

  • Fast data recovery
  • Scalability of cloud storage space
  • Disaster recovery with redundant sites
  • Peace of mind in having data both local to you and in the cloud

Security Policies

Whether you’re complying with regulations, educating your team on security expectations, or simply organizing your procedures, documenting and communicating your security policies is important to both your IT security and human resources procedures.

Daystar provides you with a D-CIO, a virtual chief information officer, who works with your team to develop a customized written information security policy (WISP). Your WISP defines and documents your business’ security procedures and user policies, including:

  • Password policies
  • Access controls
  • Acceptable Use policies
  • Remote identity proofing
  • Email usage
  • Approved software
  • Blogging and social media usage
  • Physical access

Once complete, a copy of your WISP should be provided to and signed by each employee. Periodic reviews of your WISP will ensure it remains up-to-date with current security needs.

Employee Security Training & Testing

Your business’ biggest risk to data security is your employees, specifically human error.

And it’s not just lost laptops or unintentional folder deletions. Cyberattacks target your employees through social engineering and phishing email to deceive them into compromising your data and systems. Clicking on the wrong link in an email, visiting a compromised website, or mistakenly providing information are common ways employees put your data security at risk. These attacks are sophisticated and sometimes extremely hard to identify.

While we can’t completely solve the issue of human error, we can work to combat it.

Daystar Direct’s Employee Security Training and Testing helps educate your team in safe computing practices and measures success through simulated phishing tests. Your D-CIO will provide a platform for your users to complete video training on common, relevant security topics, along with access for you to track training status. And the simulated email phishing tests identify employees who might require additional training.

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