Daystar Direct delivers proactive managed IT support services and comprehensive end user support to address your IT support needs. Experienced systems engineers and network technicians execute all centralized services, handle the help desk, provide onsite support, and manage project services.

Daystar Direct

What our process means to you?

  • Less interruption for your employees
  • Reduced trouble tickets
  • Reliable and higher system performance
  • Strong data security
  • Streamlined access

Centralized Services

It all starts with being proactive! The goal of Centralized Services is to ensure that your systems are secure and operational, and to prevent problems before they start. The process reduces service interruptions and technical issues, ensuring that your systems are reliable, secure, and operating at optimal levels. Your Centralized Services team implements a full suite of managed IT services.

Centralized Services Challenges


How do I keep my employees productive?

  • Systems optimization
  • Network monitoring
  • Server and firewall maintenance

Can I prevent email viruses?

  • Spam filtering with mail bagging
  • Managed antivirus / malware protection

Are my systems up-to-date?

  • Server and firewall maintenance

Is my data secure?

  • Fully managed data backups

Why do the same issues keep happening?

  • Identification/Resolving re-occurring issues
  • Network monitoring

Help Desk

Your client services team provides help desk support via our Daystar Remote software. Their main goal is to ensure your employees’ productivity by efficiently addressing service requests and technical issues. In addition to problem resolution, Help Desk is also your resource for “how to” questions.

Support may be requested via Daystar’s online client portal, e-mail, or telephone. To facilitate the most responsive support, we highly recommend the use of Daystar Connect, your dedicated online client support portal. Daystar Connect is an online ticket system to allow all users to submit support requests, complete with associated urgency levels.

Help Desk Challenges


How do I get my employees the help they need so they can focus on their work?

  • Technical support for ticket, phone, & email inquiries
  • Issue resolution through system diagnostics maintenance

I need to get my multiple technology vendors on the same page!

  • Liaise with other IT vendors, e.g. software providers

Does my team understand the solution and what to do next?

  • End user follow-up and training

This has come up before, but I don’t remember how it was addressed…

  • Technology and support documentation

How do I make sure my people have the right tools?

  • Add / Change / Removal of users

Onsite Support

When remote support is not possible, our onsite engineers come to your office to provide support directly to your network or employees. This is especially useful for hardware installations and user training.

Onsite Support Challenges


My business is growing and I have all this new… stuff! What do I do with it?

  • Installation of new hardware, software, or systems

Our office and people are changing – I need to make sure everyone has the right tools.

  • Equipment redeployment

My team needs a little extra hand-holding to understand our new systems.

  • End user training


As needed, the Project Team is ready to provide expertise in strategic IT projects, such as:

  • E-mail migrations
  • Server implementations
  • File sharing deployments
  • Office 365 implementations
  • Office moves
  • Workstation refresh

…and much more! This team’s expertise and management ensure your IT projects are performed successfully. Projects are billed separately and not included in the Daystar Direct support plan.

Projects Challenges


IT Projects are so overwhelming!

  • Complete project management
  • Documented timelines
  • Consistent communication flow

These projects are so involved. How do I know if all the pieces are working?

  • Project execution by focused subject matter experts
  • Project testing, follow-up, and documentation

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